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The Arts Alliance has started some important new work—and we need your help! There are a few different ways to support your arts organization, from becoming a paid member to sponsoring us to making a one-time donation.

We have moved our store/performance/gallery into a new location in the mall, and the space needs a lot of renovations. We’re focusing on the floor first, and then will move on to electrical and other needs.

Your financial support is absolutely critical to making this project successful. Please consider donating today so we can purchase the necessary materials and labor to finish our space and open back up for you! Donations can be made by card below, and that’s the most convenient option. If you wish to make a larger donation (e.g. $100+) then please consider mailing a check to save on card processing fees. Our PO Box address is at the bottom of the page. Oh, and please send an email so we know to expect your mailed donation.


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Friends of Live Music

Bringing more live music to local stages, our fund helps musicians and venues in our community.

To request an update of a profile with us, enter your email address. If you registered as an individual artist, use your email address. If you registered an organization, enter that organization's email address. If you no longer have access to the email address used to register, contact us instead.